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DDBD at Gen Con 2014 & Gamers Move! Survey
d_c_m wrote in different_drum

Gen Con 2014 - Here We Come!!!!!

Different Drummer Belly Dancers

Greatest Hits of Gen Con Belly Dance!

Different Drummer Belly Dancers (DDBD) are shimmying back into action to show you just what gaming-geek belly dance is! This year they celebrate their greatest belly dancing hits from past Gen Cons. Moving their hips to classics from Rock’n’Roll to game tunes, these dancers will get you on your feet and smiling. Whether you find DDBD performing in the hallways, teaching classes, entertaining at our booth, or dancing before the Saturday Costume Contest, DDBD is here to entertain you!

  • See us salute the fandom theme of “Greatest Hits of Gen Con Belly Dance!” before the Costume Contest on Saturday, August 16th!!

  • Visit our booth in the Exhibit Hall for belly dance, gaming, and costume goodies!

  • Take classes with us - see the schedule - and learn to shake like we do!

  • Join us during our roving dance sessions in the hallway for more dancing and merriment!

Note that there are hardcore gamers mixed in DDBD. (One dancer was Head Story Teller for a LARP!) So shimmy your way to victory as you game on at Gen Con 2014!!!

For more information visit us at www.ddbd.org/gencon. Follow us on Twitter at www.twitter.com/ddbd.


Gamers Move! - Research at Gen Con Indy 2014

This year Margaret of DDBD and her colleagues from the School of Public Health-Bloomington will be conducting research about gamers and movement. Gamers Move is study about gaming, lifestyle, and health. We want to know the lifestyle habits of gamers, an underrepresented population in health research.  So while at the Best Four Days in Gaming  - Gen Con come to booth 139 & take the Gamers Move! Survey.  Note: Non-gamers are welcome to take the survey too!

Can’t make it to Gen Con? No problem! Fill-out our Contact page - http://gamersmove.weebly.com/contact.html. - and we will send you an ID number so you can participate. The survey takes only a few minutes!

BTW: Did you know? Gen Con is pronounced like “Jian Kong” in Chinese which means “Health”!


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