Different Drummer Belly Dancers

A belly dance troupe that defies description.

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Invitation to Forbidden Belly Dance!
d_c_m wrote in different_drum
You are invited to:

Forbidden Belly Dance
The Power of Belly Dance Compels You!

An R-Rated Evening with Different Drummer Belly Dancers

WHEN: Friday, October 2014, 9 pm
WHERE: The Back Door - located in the alley running down the west side of the Art (Parking)Garageon4th and Walnut., Bloomington, Indiana
TICKETS: $8 in advance; $10 at door

This is our R-rated evening. Belly dance is a G-rated, family fun form of dance - however sometimes, we gotta cut lose! We let our creativity SOAR during these performances. Come on down and see us dance like you have not seen us dance before!!! It will be a wild night!!!



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