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A belly dance troupe that defies description.

Thoughts On Appropriation
"Through Heaven's Eyes"

My good buddy and fabulous belly dancer, Jeana, has written a wonderful response to Why I can't stand white belly dancers. Jeana is a trained and excellent folklorist so when she addresses issues, she does so from a very thorough understanding of culture and research.

Jeana's words are perfect and so I am copying them here:

Cultural Appropriate Vs. Borrowing in Belly Dance (Part 1)


Cultural Appropriate Vs. Borrowing in Belly Dance (Part 2)

I would also like to add that I would like to apologize to anyone who has felt I have appropriated or insulted their culture or dance. That is NEVER my intention. I apologize if I have ever offended you.

Know that when I belly dance, I am authentically me. That is all I am and all I can hope to do.

(Yes, this will be x-posted.)

Bloomington Belly Dances - 2014 - Influence

We've got one song that makes me think of the Archangels. So come on down to BBD-2014 to see the song. ;)

Profiles of 4 archangels: Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Uriel

July 8, 2009

Stories of angels and archangels have been documented throughout religious history. According to spiritual author Dr. Doreen Virtue, everyone, regardless of belief or religion, is born with at least two guardian angels. These heavenly helpers, as well as the archangels, are available to guide, support, and motivate you on your life's journey.

Due to the law of free will, angels are not allowed to intervene on your behalf unless you first ask them. The only exception is when you are in a life-threatening situation before it is your time to die; then the angels will assist.

Archangels oversee the angels and humanity in general. In spiritual traditions, the actual number of archangels varies. The following descriptions are of four well-known archangels in major religions.

Archangel Michael

  • Name means "he who is like God"

  • Encourages confidence; assists with physical and energetic safety; helps set clear intentions; removes fears and blocks to fulfilling your life's purpose

  • His strong aura is colored royal blue-purple and his stone is sugalite

Archangel Raphael

  • Name means "whom God heals"

  • Assists with physical body healing and adapting a healthy lifestyle (healthful eating, proper exercise, breath work and relaxation); known as heaven's physician; call upon him for safe traveling

  • Has emerald green aura color and is associated with emeralds and malachite crystals

Archangel Gabriel

  • Name means "God is my strength"

  • Considered the "messenger angel" and can be invoked to help with communication, writing projects, and to boost courage to be an effective leader; reminds you to nurture your inner child; helps with parenting needs

  • Connect with her copper aura by holding a citrine stone or a piece of precious copper

Archangel Uriel

  • Name means "the light of God"

  • Call upon him for guidance related to ideas, inspiration, and intelligence; illuminates your path one step at a time

  • Has pale yellow auric energy and aligns with amber crystal

You can enlist the help of the angels or archangels simply by thinking Angels, can you please help me with ...? Surrender the situation to the divine and allow an ultimate healing to take place. Trust that everything will be handled in the highest and best way. Then follow through with divine guidance received.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Mireksoteria - Archangel Michael

Affirmations: Thank you angels for being with me and offering your guidance and support! I love communicating with my angels and am grateful for their assistance. I trust in the power of Spirit and allow the magical universe to help me heal challenging life situations.

Source: Virtue, D. (2004). Guidebook for the Archangel Oracle Cards. California: Hay House.


DDBD and Casablanca - Perfect Valentine's Day Event
Movie poster for Casablanca.February 14, 2014 - Casablanca - Buskirk-Chumley Theater, Bloomington, Indiana - Dancing begins 6:45pm; Movie begins at 7:30pm - Come spend Valentine's Day with us at the Buskirk-Chumley. We will be dancing and welcoming movie goers into the theater before the showing of Casablanca. We will dance and mingle in the lobby - and maybe even get you to dance as well. For more information visit Buskirk-Chumley Events page: Purchase tickets - $5 for adults, $3 for children: BCT Box Office; Visit the Facebook Event.

Liby at the Bloomington Bridal Show - 2014
Troupe mate Liby Ball will have her beautiful sewing designs at the Bloomington Bridal Show this Sunday, Noon, at the Bloomington Convention Center! Read the FB invite for more information and see you there!!!

Please visit the official website here: http://www.bloomingtonbridalshow.org/ |  Admission is only $3  |  Your attendance is very truly appreciated!

Ancestry in Progress: Belly Dance Workshop
"Through Heaven's Eyes"

Ancestry in Progress:

New School & Old School Belly Dance Using the Suhaila Salimpour Technique

Saturday, March 22, 1-5 pm
Panache Dance Studio

325 E Winslow Rd, Bloomington, IN  47401

Ancestry in Progress: Belly Dance Basics

This workshop provides an overview of basic belly dance with modern elements using the innovative Suhaila Salimpour technique. There will be an emphasis on posture, muscular isolations and traveling. Additionally modern dance concepts, layering and transitions, as well as a range of new school tribal fusion stylizations are emphasized. Workshop will also explore Jamila Salimpour’s old-school earthy style with powerful movements along with Jamila inspired dance combinations. Workshop concludes with a lecture and discussion on "The History of Belly Dance in America and Jamila's Influence".

Class is for all levels from total beginner to professional.

About the instructor, Kandice Grossman

Kandice began studying the art form of belly dance as a teen and has studied with the nation’s most renowned teachers including Suhaila Salimpour, Rachel Brice, Kami Liddle, Zoe Jakes, Sharon Kihara, Kajira Djoumahna, Jill Parker, Dalia Carella, Aruna, Amy Sigil and many more. She is a level 3 certified dancer with the Suhaila Salimpour School of Dance and level 2 certified Jamila Salimpour dancer. She is a performer in Suhaila's current re-enactment of Jamila's original Bal-Anat. Kandice is currently working toward her level 4 certification with the renowned Suhaila Salimpour School of Dance in Berkeley, CA. Kandice founded Moon Belly Dance and TheDragonFlies Belly Dance companies in Columbia, Missouri.

Learn more about Kandice Grossman at her Website.

Workshop Cost: Pre-Paid: $49; At the Door: $55.

PayPal fee to ddbdancers@gmail.com. Credit cards, PayPal, and cash accepted at door.

For registration/more information, contact Margaret Lion at 812-360-0549 or ddbdancers@gmail.com.

Visit the Facebook Event Page

Bloomington Belly Dances - 2014
HP - Keep Calm & Trust Herminone - by ne

Different Drummer Belly Dancers Full Logo by Margaret Lion


Iron Kitten Productions


Bloomington Belly Dances - 2014


Ancestry in Progress Workshop

Photo of: Line-up for perfomers at Bloomington Belly Dances - 2007 receiving flowers from Roger Meridith and Margaret Lion during their curtain call.

Celebrate Belly Dance in Bloomington, Indiana!

WHEN: Friday, March 21, 2014

WHERE: Ivy Tech John Waldron Auditorium, 122 S. Walnut Street, Bloomington, Indiana, 47404-6107.

TIME: Doors open at 7:00 pm; Performance begins at 7:30 pm.

TICKETS: $12 for Adults; $5 for Children 12 and Under. Door Prices: $15 Adults and $8 for Children 12 and Under. Note: We accept credit cards at the door.

Early Bird Prices: Get your tickets the following ways:

  • Order tickets online here BBD-2014 Tickets. (Link will open in new window.)

  • Or call the Buskirk-Chumley Box Office at 812-323-3020 (must use a credit card).

  • You can also visit the Buskirk-Chumley Box Office to purchase tickets. Click here for location and hours.

This event is a celebration of the many styles of belly dance here in Bloomington Indiana!!!
You'll see everything from Cabaret to Tribal Fusion styles of belly dance
performed by the extraordinary and talented belly, and flamenco, dancers in Bloomington.

Visit this event on Facebook!

Bloomington Bridal Show - 2014
Rose & Fleur-de-lys - from sluggerrose
Troupe mate Liby Ball of Liby Ball Sewing & Design will be at the Bloomington Bridal Show, January 19th. Come on down and visit! Even if you aren’t getting married this event will give you great ideas for future parties and networking.

Happy Birthday DDBD!!!!!
Hooray!!! It was 10 years ago today that Different Drummer Belly Dancers took the stage for the first time. It has been 10 glorious years of dancing with fabulous people at fantastic events. Blessings to all of the dancers and crew members who have helped along the way.
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DDBD at Indy Hair Ball

The Indy Hair Ball is a fabulous fun fundraising event for Spay-Neuter Services of Indiana, Inc. This organization helps pet owners afford spaying and neutering surgery.

The The Indy Hair Ball offers an evening of carnival fun, games, entertainment, free food and drink and BELLY DANCE! Of course we will be there!

So join us at this wonderful event and help us help the animals.

(Of course this is x-posted!!)

DDBD's Gen Con Indy 2013 Schedule!
Hello All!!
Visit the Different Drummer Belly Dancers Gen Con Indy 2013 page
for all of our scheduled dances, classes, and shenanigans. :)
It's gonna be GREAT!!


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