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Different Drummer Belly Dancers

A belly dance troupe that defies description.

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A community for members and friends of Different Drummer Belly Dancers, Bloomington, IN
We are Different Drummer Belly Dancers. We all dance to a different drummer.

Plus: Resistance is futile. YOU WILL WATCH US SHIMMY!

Different Drummer Belly Dancers mixes traditional belly dancing and modern music, borrowing from cabaret, American Tribal, and Dunyavi Gypsy styles of belly dance. We believe the power, beauty, joy, and grace of belly dance can be expressed in our modern 20th and 21st century music. And our audiences love it!

Different Drummer Belly Dancers is also dedicated to wish fulfillment for our dancers. When they have a dancing dream, we try to make it happen.

This community is open to friends, fans, family, and fellow dancers, as well as the members of Different Drummer. Check here for updates on what Different Drummer is up to, when we're performing next, and current events in the Bloomington bellydance scene. This community is also here for people to ask questions, trade ideas, share photos, and generally discuss anything bellydance-related.